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Seniors tutoring 1st grade 003Continuous School Improvement: 

Our team consistently reviews, develops, and refines LFPA Alta Mesa’s school improvement goals. We are always thriving to prepare every student to be college and career ready. Our school improvement plan is aimed at measurable goals that will help raise student achievement. We have implemented several strategies for students that will help to attain these goals for our students and our school.

It is a requirement for every student to create a SMART goal. Every student will have one personalized academic goal that will be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Timely. We ask that parents take time to discuss the goal their child creates, and make SMART goals a regular part of discussion in your household. Ask your student the following questions:

How did you identify your goal?

How are you tracking your goal?

How will you know when you have achieved your goal?

Where are you currently at in reaching your goal?

Are you keeping up with your action plan?

A second strategy is introducing students to the Recall note taking method. Recall notes are similar to Cornell notes, but easier for school aged children. We have found that most of our students don’t understand the purpose of note taking nor do they understand how to properly study notes. We utilize Recall Notes school-wide. Every student in every grade will use only Recall Notes for any type of note taking. Information describing Recall Notes along with a sample note page is sent home with every student. This will help parents in assisting students with studying at home.

Parental assistance plays a huge role in student success. Thank you for your on going support as we create new and innovative ways to help our students achieve success.

We are consistently looking for and finding new ways to strive for academic excellence among our students. If you have any questions about our school improvement efforts or the strategies feel free to call me at 480-807-1100.

Nikki Triggs, Principal



Taking part in our “Reach-Out Volunteer Program” LFPA elementary students visited the Citadel Nursing Home on two occasions r as part of their involvement in the community volunteer program.

Pics Alta Mesa 016 Kindergarten and 1st grade students  visit the Citadel Nursing Home to teach the dance moves they’ve learned to the residents.

Third grade students visit the Citadel Nursing Home in their costumes for trick or treating with the residents.


Learning Foundation and Performing Arts-Gilbert school lettering and doors
A junior and senior high school dedicated to supporting each student in the attainment of his or her highest academic and creative potential. The educational focus is designed to foster each individual’s capacity for self-development and personal responsibility that will prepare students for success in college, career, and adult life. LFPA recognizes that a student’s education is a responsibility shared by school and family during the entire period the student spends in school.

LFPA faculty and staff pledge to:
• Provide a safe campus and a classroom climate of mutual respect.
• Communicate with students and parents in a regular and timely manner through telephone, email, conferences, and the Jupiter Grades online grading program.
• Provide motivating and interesting learning experiences using a variety of teaching methods in the classroom which support the rigor required by the Arizona College & Career Readiness Standards.
• Address the individual needs of each student, effectively facilitate student learning, and provide ample student academic support services.P1000025

Student Pledge and commitment to the Four Pillars of Excellence:
• Participate in all efforts put forth by my teachers and LFPA staff to educate me, which may include attending tutoring, doing homework, turning in assignments, completing projects, studying and being prepared for test.
• Complete all class work and homework to the best of my ability on a daily basis.
• Be proactive in school, community and family.
• Behave in a manner that is conducive to learning and does not distract other students.
• Set a positive example for other students and contribute to the growth of others.
• Exhibit and be accountable for the character traits of responsibility, respect, trustworthiness, fairness, caring, and citizenship.
• Abide by the rules and policies of LFPA including wearing the required uniform every day.
• Conduct myself with dignity and respect during school hours and activities on campus as well as before and after school.Three teens
• Treat other students and teachers with respect and refrain from any bullying behaviors including physical harm, teasing, exclusion, and intimidation.
• Arrive on time for school and classes on a daily basis.
• Help others without consideration of repayment.
• Seek opportunities to better our campus.
• Participate in service opportunities in our school and community when possible.

These pledges are essential to the mission of our school. Students and staff must uphold these pledges or jeopardize their opportunity to attend Learning Foundation & Performing Arts.


The 7th-12th grade school is located in a newly constructed building on the SE corner of Recker and Warner Roads across from the LFPA K-6th grade school.

Fully NCA Accredited and Tuition Free

State of the Art Performance Auditorium

Balance of Academics and the Arts

Academics Aligned to AZ State Standards

Dance, Musical Theatre, Drama

Orchestra, Guitar, Musical Keyboards

Art and Ceramics

P.E., Competitive Sports, Martial Arts

Highly Qualified Certified Teachers
Free Tutoring Program
Limited Affordable Busing Available
Free & Reduced Breakfast/Lunch Program

7th-12th GRADE

480- 635-9400



Student’s Entered Poems for LFPA Alta Mesa Anti-Bullying Program.

To view some of the student’s poems click on the poems below this letter.

LFPA has committed to each student’s success by creating an atmosphere where students can learn in a safe environment that is free of discrimination, violence and bullying. There is no excuse to tolerate or accept poor behavior.

Our school has an on-going anti-bullying program and school staff work daily on setting the stage for students to have meaningful involvement and take pledges to be bully free; as well as building lessons on character and anti-bullying into our current curriculum.

Parents and students have an equally important role to play in helping to prevent bullying at our school. Parents are the first and most important contribution in teaching children the importance of respect for others and valuing integrity. We ask that each parent take the time to address the issue of bullying with your child at home and the lifetime negative impact that can result from being a victim of bullying.

Bullying will not be tolerated from LFPA students in any form. Students found guilty of bullying will have firm consequences that could result in expulsion.

Thank you for helping us keep LFPA a safe “home” away from home for our students and their families!

Kind Regards,

Ms. Triggs, Alta Mesa Director

Anti Bully Poem 1 (18527) Anti-Bully Poem 2 (27732) Anti-Bully Poem 3 (16389) Anti-Bully Poem 4 (22637)



Dear Ms. Taylor, Executive Director:

As you  know by now, Arizona was cited by Education Cities  as a state that is leading the nation in closing our achievement gap, and we have attached our press release about that report at the end of this letter.

To your great credit, Learning Foundation Stapley and Learning Foundation And Performing Arts Alta Mesa have been identified as top performers in the state, and somewhere that low-wealth students can expect the same excellent quality of education that their wealthier peers receive.

What an amazing achievement for your students and school community, and we want to thank you and congratulate you! Please pass on our congratulations to your team.

We are critically aware that Arizona is nowhere near our goal of offering every child in the state an excellent education that prepares them for their life choices after high school. But in your school, and in dozens of schools like yours around the state, we see that this is possible. Arizona is being recognized because you and your team decided to make this a reality.

We cannot be more grateful to you. On behalf of the team at A for Arizona, bravo!


Glenn Hamer 

Lea Marquez Peterson

Lisa Graham Keegan

Emily Anne Gullickson

Katie Fischer

Reina Ravago


A for Arizona

A project of the Arizona Chamber Foundation & Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

823 E. Speedway Blvd | Tucson, AZ 85719

p: (520) 620-0005 | e: rravago@azchamber.com



High School Students are Excited About Science at LFPA Gilbert.

Students in Mrs. Shaffer’ s freshman and sophomore Science classes are excited to  learn Crime Scene Investigation and different aspects of Forensic Science. The students learn how to solve crimes and how the different types of evidence found at a crime scene are processed. They looked into the different blood types and conduct a blood typing experiment.

Although Forensic science is intriguing and has all the students excited to learn, in the second quarter the class segues into Human Biology. They learn about all the bones that make up the human body and how they work together to make the body function properly. Photo lab

As for 11th grade Chemistry, it is an exciting and upbeat class. The students learn about the atomic theory, atoms, and the different elements that make up the periodic table. Students in this class worked on a huge periodic table made and designed completely by the students that graces the wall in the Science lab.

Dear LFPA Warner families,

We look forward to another successful year with all of our stakeholders’ support and assistance as we work together to provide a positive and productive educational experience for the children throughout the year.

As the school year progresses, please encourage your students to engage in reading activities whenever possible. Even the reading of comic books and special interest magazines will help your student to refine his/her skills in this pivotal area. Regular reading at all grade levels will stimulate higher-level thinking skills and provide a positive foundation for the new school year.

The front office is open throughout the week from 8:00 to 4:00 in order to serve our families. If you have questions and need to speak with front office staff, please call or stop by any time Monday to Friday.

Our staff worked hard throughout the summer planning for the new school year and starting some new programs at the Warner campus. We welcome you back to LFPA Warner and look forward to an exciting year.

Chris Paulson, Principal

Warner team with trophy

school lettering and doorsView essay as written with photos by Rebekah Douglas, LFPA Paraprofessional:  Public Charter Schools Facilitate Cultural Work (451)

Public charter schools are major cultural workers in Arizona. These schools are a hot and controversial topic throughout the United States and Arizona has developed a reputation for being included in this conversation. Being such a broad and multi-faceted subject, I would like to focus on one school in particular. This school, although small, exemplifies how charter schools have the potential to move away from the one-size-fits-all educational approach and toward a more individualized education. Through this approach, a culture is created that strengthens the student in their personal journey of self-discovery, encouraging creativity and a personal identity, and producing strong individuals ready to face life’s challenges.boys in hall with guitars

Learning Foundation and Performing Arts (LFPA) was founded with the vision to create a school that would provide and balance strong academics and fine arts programs, providing an education that would meet and embrace the whole student.

“In a public school, classes are a lot bigger so you either get the material and pass or you don’t and you fail. I feel like, here, there’s a lot more opportunity to work one-on-one with the teacher and really understand what’s going on in class,” explains a senior student at LFPA.  LFPA nurtures a culture that is focused on the individual student. The school is comparatively small and the faculty and staff really work hard to form meaningful relationships with each student. They work together to make sure each student feels they have an adult they can go to for help and support.

students at desks“This school is really non-judgmental. I think that in public schools there is bullying if you’re different or don’t fit the mold. You don’t see that here. Everyone is just themselves and it’s really cool,” another student confides. There is an all-over atmosphere of acceptance and unity at LFPA. Students are prepared to enter the world after graduation with a unique confidence and sense of self.

students on stageLearning Foundations and Performing Arts, a public charter school, is indeed a great cultural worker here in Arizona. LFPA provides a choice to students in their educational journey. Students are able to cater their education to their interests and desires; to explore different avenues of creativity at a school where a variety of academic and artistic courses are available; and, are immersed in a specific school culture that encourages individuality, learning, growth, unity, and communication. LFPA promotes an individualized approach to education and illustrates the potential for public charter schools to facilitate this kind of cultural work.

girl on stage


The LFPA varsity boys basketball team ended the regular season with an 11-3 record.  The team won four straight post-season games to walk away with the CAA Division I state championship.  Also, the MVP trophy was awarded to the LFPA team’s top scoring player. The team hopes to continue this success next year with all current players returning to LFPA to play for at least one more year.

The LFPA Warner Performing Arts Department is a busy place preparing little girls dance group 5-2013students for exciting performances throughout the year.

The Leading Tones Show Choir were honored to Perform at the National Anthem in front of an audience of 12,000 at the JDRF One Walk at Sloan Park on April 29.

We are very proud of one of our 5th grade students who attended the “Lion King on Broadway” audition in LA and made the final cut for the New York production. 

Our students  showcase their talents in two talent shows in the Fall and the Spring as well as musical theatre productions.  The Winter and Spring productions are each presented over six eveninkids in bluegs in order to involve all students in stellar shows.  All of the school’s performances are sell-outs and an excellent show of our students’ talent.

We are excited about our students and the parents, staff and teachers who proA-boy-and-his-guitar-620vide the support and assistance to make our performances a great success.


7-12 Learning Foundation

Performing Arts Gilbert

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K-8 Learning Foundation

Performing Arts Alta Mesa

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