The Vision of Learning Foundation “Back to Basic” school is to be a leader in education inspiring students to achieve the highest standards of intellectual and personal development while fostering partnerships with family and the community.

Learning Foundation Stapley Campus

480-834-6202     851 N. Stapley Dr., Mesa, AZ 85203

Welcome to Learning Foundation “Back to Basics” School. We are a “Grade A” kindergarten through 6th grade charter school that proudly applauds the achievements of our students and our highly qualified staff. We have the distinction of offering a quality education, the conviction that all children can learn, and the confidence that our academic program meets the needs of all of our students. We provide a caring and nurturing environment in which students and staff work in partnership to develop skills for lifelong learning.

Our academic curriculum is research based and fully mapped to align with articulated Arizona State College and Career Ready Standards (ACCRS). Teachers and paraprofessionals are selected only if their records show they are highly qualified as defined by NCLB/ESEA requirements and the Arizona Department of Education plan for highly qualified teachers.

LFPA strives to continually improve in all areas, including but not limited to the following existing programs and practices.

  • Using best practices with student-centered, personalized learning and innovative instructional techniques.
  • A data driven student intervention program.
  • A program of consistent supplemental tutoring.
  • An integrated, student-centered, rich and challenging curriculum.
  • Well-rounded programs in art and physical education.
  • Opportunities for families to be an integral part of their student’s educational experience.boy reading book

Learning Foundation supports direct, explicit instruction that emphasizes a back to basic approach to learning. The Spalding Method is utilized to develop a phonetic approach to reading. Our teachers ensure that students develop a mastery of phonemic awareness. Saxon Math is used as a method for teaching mathematics and the curriculum is integrated into the classroom setting as the cumulative mathematical back to basic approach. Students develop technological skills through the use of a computer lab and white boards in every classroom used by teachers to project visuals that connect new concepts or skills to prior learning.

Parents are encouraged to participate in their student’s education and teachers and staff regularly communicate student progress and education strategies with parents through parent/teacher meetings, phone calls, email and newsletters. We have a parent volunteer program that encourages parents to volunteer in classrooms, at field trips, student performances and any area where extra help and support is beneficial. All stakeholders are invited to support extra curricular activities and attend all performances and events.

We wegirl doing art bestlcome you to visit with us at any time and tour our campus.