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IT’S SO EASY! Just download the tax credit form below to donate to your child’s school and receive your money back in the form of a tax credit. You can receive a credit of up to a maximum of $200 (if single) or $400 (if married and filing jointly). We will gladly accept any amount. If $20 is what you can afford to give you can still receive the credit.

Arizona law allows us to use your donation for Extracurricular activities that are school sponsored optional activities and require enrolled students to pay a fee in order to participate. The activities must supplement the school’s education program. Such activities may include, but are not limited to, use of equipment or uniforms for athletics, use of scientific laboratory equipment or materials, or in-state or out-of-state trips that are solely for competitive events. Extracurricular activities do not include any senior trips or events that are recreational, amusement or tourist activities.

An education is a valuable commodity and we appreciate your donation in any amount as we strive to continually improve our programs and offer the best education possible to each child attending Learning Foundation schools.

TAX CREDIT FORM 2017 (195)

We value our parents and community and appreciate your continued support.


Dear LFPA Warner families,

We look forward to another successful year with all of our stakeholders’ support and assistance as we work together to provide a positive and productive educational experience for the children throughout the year.

As the school year progresses, please encourage your students to engage in reading activities whenever possible. Even the reading of comic books and special interest magazines will help your student to refine his/her skills in this pivotal area. Regular reading at all grade levels will stimulate higher-level thinking skills and provide a positive foundation for the new school year.

The front office is open throughout the week from 8:00 to 4:00 in order to serve our families. If you have questions and need to speak with front office staff, please call or stop by any time Monday to Friday.

Our staff worked hard throughout the summer planning for the new school year and starting some new programs at the Warner campus. We welcome you back to LFPA Warner and look forward to an exciting year.

Chris Paulson, Principal

Warner team with trophy

The LFPA Warner Performing Arts Department is a busy place preparing little girls dance group 5-2013students for exciting performances throughout the year.

The Leading Tones Show Choir were honored to Perform at the National Anthem in front of an audience of 12,000 at the JDRF One Walk at Sloan Park on April 29.

We are very proud of one of our 5th grade students who attended the “Lion King on Broadway” audition in LA and made the final cut for the New York production. 

Our students  showcase their talents in two talent shows in the Fall and the Spring as well as musical theatre productions.  The Winter and Spring productions are each presented over six eveninkids in bluegs in order to involve all students in stellar shows.  All of the school’s performances are sell-outs and an excellent show of our students’ talent.

We are excited about our students and the parents, staff and teachers who proA-boy-and-his-guitar-620vide the support and assistance to make our performances a great success.



At LFPA schools we value our parents as working partners. In order to have successful school/home partnerships we feel it is important for parents to be knowledgeable about the many components that are involved in the education of our students. We ask that you take a moment to read over the following important points and contact your school or the district if there are any topics you would like more information on.

1. Are you aware of your schools mission and vision? If you are unsure of the school’s purpose we encourage you to read the mission and vision statements posted at the school, on the website and in the student handbook. We are proud of being devoted to what we do, and hope that you share in our pride by helping your student(s) to be aware of and understand the goals of their school. We hope that you will talk to your children regularly about our mission and vision.

2. Are you aware of our School Improvement Plan and ongoing efforts to improve the quality of education your child receives? The School Improvement Plan is an on going process. We hold quarterly School Improvement meetings to address and revisit school goals. The schools continually review and revise strategies and improvement actions as part of our school improvement process. We encourage you to join us at School Improvement meetings and we value your input as stakeholders.

3. Are you aware of support services offered at your school? We are proud to offer multiple support services at our schools. We have an excellent special education team to address the needs of students with disabilities. We also offer Title One support services and tutoring to academically at-risk students. We also offer Acuity At Home to all students. This online student portal allows students to focus on specific educational needs. Acuity tailors the individual needs of all students by identifying strengths and weaknesses. This allows students to focus on academic gaps, as well as, be challenged with academic strengths.

4. Are you aware of our school’s governing board? At LFPA we have a governing board that helps with all important school decisions. The governing board oversees all operations. This includes school policy, school budgets, curriculum, etc. Governing board meeting notices are always posted on our front door at least 48 hours before meetings and on our website.

5. Are you aware of what goes on in your child’s classroom and how to communicate regularly with teachers? Our teachers are required to post class objectives in visible areas of the classroom. You are welcome to visit your child’s class and view the objective board any time. Feel free to ask teachers questions about your child’s specific learning needs, curriculum, etc. Parents may always reach teachers by direct phone calls or email. Responses to questions, comments, or concerns will always be addressed within 24 business hours.

6. Are you aware you should be talking with your student regularly about what he or she is learning at school? We implore you to communicate regularly with your child about what is going on in the classroom. Here are some ideas to help engage your child in school discussions.

    • Ask your child if he/she understands the learning expectations in school.
    • Ask your child to explain lessons they have learned and to provide you examples on how those lessons relate to every day life.
    • Ask your child what type of assessments they are taking in school.
    • Ask your child what adult advocate they have at school who they could depend on and trust. Who is that adult? How do they help your child? What does he/she do to help your child feel safe and encouraged?

We hope this message is informative for our families. We encourage feedback from our families should you ever have questions, comments, or suggestions. Thank you for trusting LFPA to meet the academic needs of your children.

Kind Regards,

LFPA Administration

Fifth Grade students at LFPA Warner campus were asked to write a short story for a writing challenge using one of the “7 Habits” from their “Leader in Me” program.Warner leader in me

Winning Story: “Be Proactive”

One day in the friendly forest, Sammy the squirrel was working on a new invention. He needed one other tool. When he was walking to the store, he saw Tag-Along Alley by herself crying. So Sammy the squirrel walked up and asked her why she was crying.

Tag-Along Alley said, “Because Judging Jimmy said I was too small.”

“That Judging Jimmy!” said Sammy the squirrel. “Well, why don’t we go and talk to him?”

“Okay”, said Alley, “Let’s go!”.

So when they got to Jimmy’s house, they asked him why he would say something like that. He said he didn’t intend to be mean and he was really sorry. So after that, they all went out for pizza. And Sammy learned to be proactive when his friends need help (even with Judging Jimmy, the cat!).

Honorable Mention Story: “Synergize”

Once upon a time, there was a scarecrow named Pi who always wanted to be a real boy. Although he had two friends (Mike and Tom), he just didn’t feel alive. On Monday, Pi was feeling extremely sad and when Mike and Tom came over he felt even worse. He was not sad because he was stuck on his stick or that no crows were coming. He was sad because he could not walk, run, or even play. So Mike and Tom thought for a while and came up with a perfect plan! Tomorrow, for Pi’s birthday, they would work together to get Pi off his stick so he could have some fun.

The next day, bright and early, Tom went over to Mike’s house. Then they both hiked up the mountain to see Pi. While he was sleeping, Tom and Mike tugged, pulled, twisted, turned, spun, and even kicked the pole to try to get the nail that held Pi up to come out. Finally, with a pop, the nail came flying out and Pi came falling down.

That day and later on they had the best days ever. Also, they learned some things like synergizing which is working as a team (an awesome team!). They learned that you can do anything if you try, and that it’s not really trying if you give up. Well, that is the end of my story.

Learning Foundation and Performing Arts and Learning Foundation Policy:

Cell Phones, Voice Recorders and Electronic Devices:
Students are encouraged to leave all electronic devices of any type at home.
Students are not allowed to have cell phones, pagers, laser pointers or any type of electronic device or sound reproducing equipment, including voice recorder watches or wristbands, on any Learning Foundation school grounds or transportation vehicles. (Recording conversations without consent is a violation of Arizona wiretapping law A.R.S. 13-3005)
Students are strongly encouraged to leave phones and devices at home. When entering the school students may check (leave) any phones or devices they bring at the front office before school and check them out at the end of the school day.
Cell phones or any other devices that are visible or can be heard making noise within campus boundaries or in school vehicles will be confiscated by LFPA staff and a disciplinary referral form will be completed and sent to the principal/site director. Violations will be subject to the following consequences:
• First offense: Phone or device will be confiscated and released to the student at the end of the school day.
• Second offense: Phone or device will be confiscated and released to the parent at the end of the school day.
• Third offense: Phone or device will be confiscated and sent to the district office. The parent or legal guardian must pick up the phone or device at the district office location in Gilbert.
• Fourth offense: Students who continue to violate this policy face further consequences including phone or device held until the end of the school year and possible suspension.

The District, Schools, and Employees are not responsible for lost or stolen electronic devices.

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