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Learning Foundation “Back to Basics” campus is an elementary school servicing students in Kindergarten through 6th grade.

The school endorses direct, explicit instruction that emphasizes a back to basic approach to learning. The Spalding Method is utilized to develop a phonetic approach to reading. The Title 1 Reading Specialist/Coach works with highly qualified core academic teachers and highly qualified para- professionals to ensure that students develop a mastery of Five Pillars of Literacy.

Saxon Math is used as a method for teaching mathematics. Highly qualified core teachers and paraprofessionals integrate this curriculum into their classroom setting as the cumulative mathematical “back to basic” approach.

In order to compete academically in the 21st century, teachers and students incorporate technology into the classroom. Teachers are able to foster a sense of realiia by using Interactive White Boards to project visuals that connect new concepts or skills to prior learning. Students develop technological skills that allow them to compete in a technologically advanced society.

Throughout the year academic improvement is measured using  assessments through Acuity, and Arizona State Standardized testing.