Elementary Teaching Staff

    Tina Akins - Third Grade Teacher

    Photo of Tina Akins

    Third Grade Teacher

    Phone: 480-248-8025


    Michelle Becker - Sixth Grade Teacher

    No Photo Available

    Sixth Grade Teacher

    Home Phone: 480-248-8025

    Heather Bullard - SPED Teacher

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    SPED Teacher

    Home Phone: 480-248-8025

    Brandy Chambers - Kindergarten

    Photo of Brandy Chambers


    Phone: 480-248-8025

    Hello my name is Ms. Chambers; I am originally from Oregon and moved to Arizona in 2005 pursue my dream of teaching. I put myself through college by working in the nursing field as a Certified Nursing Assistant and a Certified Medication Aide. I received my associate’s degree from Lane Community College and my Bachelors Degree from Pacific University. I am a highly qualified teacher with a teaching certificate in both Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education, and have an endorsement in Structured English Immersion. I have a passion for learning and take classes online through Ideal and at local colleges such as Mesa Community College to keep up-to-date on the latest advancements in education and to further my own education.

    I have been teaching since 2006  years and have been a part of the Learning Foundation and Performing Arts Family since 2010. I am very passionate about teaching and strive to meet every students needs be differentiated my instruction in reading, writing, and math. I incorporate technology into the daily routine as it is important for the 21st century learner to have instruction, access, and gain the necessary skills in this technology driven world.

    I have 2 cats, 1 named Sassy and the other named Molly and 1 dog named Sgt. Pit Bulldozer. I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, and pets. I enjoy playing and watching sports, my favorites being basketball and football. I was on the Varsity Basketball team for 4 years at Creswell High School in Oregon and we made it all the way to the state playoffs with only 7 girls on our team. Being from Oregon I am a huge Ducks fan, but support all Pac-12 teams. I also love to explore new technologies, educational websites, travel, and create slide shows on my computer.

    It has always been my dream and passion to teach. I had the most wonderful kindergarten teacher when I was a child and hope to be the best teacher I can be for your student. I hope to be that teacher your son or daughter remembers for years to come and talks about when he or she is older and has students of his or her own.

    Kendra Crowell - Kindergarten Teacher

    Photo of Kendra Crowell

    Kindergarten Teacher

    Phone: 480-248-8025

    Many of the supplies will be shared supplies, and may need to be replenished later in the year.

     Please bring supplies to “Meet the Teacher” night on August 15th.

     Shared supplies
    1 box of 24 count crayons
    2 boxes 24 pencils

    1 package of skinny Expo dry erase markers
    1 package of 12 glue sticks
    8 large erasers (pink or white)
    1 pair blunt-ended scissors

    1-2 containers of Clorox or Lysol wipes

    1 regular-sized bottle of hand sanitizer

    1 box of Kleenex

    1-2 reams white copy paper

    1 ream of white cardstock

    Please label to following with your child’s first and last name:


    plastic pocket-folders (with brads to insert hold-punched paper) – any color)

    1 Primary journal (100 sheets, blank on top with large lines on the bottom to write)

    1 pair of durable headphones (not ear buds,) in gallon bag labeled

    Backpack (and lunch box, if needed)

    Wish list supplies (not required, but appreciated!)

    Multi-colored thick dry erase markers

    Colored copy paper

    Colored cardstock

    Baggies—any size (snack, sandwich, quart, or gallon)

    Paper towelsI look forward to a phenomenal  year!

    Makayla Gesualdo - Curriculum Instructor

    Photo of Makayla Gesualdo

    Curriculum Instructor

    Phone: 480-248-8025

    Amanda Gibson - 3rd Grade Teacher

    Photo of Amanda Gibson

    3rd Grade Teacher

    Phone: 480-248-8025

    Anthony Giesick - Fifth Grade Teacher

    No Photo Available

    Fifth Grade Teacher

    Home Phone: 480-248-8025

    Rhonda Gross - 1st Grade Teacher

    Photo of Rhonda Gross

    1st Grade Teacher

    Julie Halcomb - Fourth Grade

    Photo of Julie Halcomb

    Fourth Grade


    My name is Miss Halcomb and I am a fifth grade teacher. I am incredibly excited to be teaching at the Learning Foundation and Performing Arts School.

    It is a pleasure to introduce myself and let you get to know me a bit better. I graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Education, Summa Cum Laude.  As an Arizona native, I am proud to be a certified elementary educator through the Arizona Department of Education and an Arizona Highly Qualified Teacher.

    I am the youngest in a family of four, and find great joy in being an aunt.  I grew up in a family where we learned the importance of education, and grew to respect and believe in the power of knowledge and being a lifelong learner.  Music and the performing arts are essential in my life, and I enjoy coming up with new ideas to incorporate them into education.  I also enjoy reading and spending time with friends and family watching good movies or playing games.

    I am an educator because I believe that every student has infinite potential.  As an educator, I promise to inspire my students and help them to realize this potential hidden within them.  Children are the future, and so to ensure a brighter future, they will be encouraged, challenged, and provided a learning environment that promotes learning and stability in this ever-changing world.




    Students should have all supplies by the first full week of school. It is the student’s responsibility to notify parents if they should run out of supplies. Additional supplies not on the list may be needed as the year goes on – you will be notified when the need occurs.

    Each student will need –

    • Pencils (no mechanical)
    • 2 composition books
    • Backpack (NO wheels)

    Please donate at least two of the following, for class use –

    • Lined paper/Copy paper
    • Tissue box
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Cleaning/sanitizing wipes (i.e. Clorox wipes)


    Julie Halcomb
    5th Grade Teacher
    Learning Foundation and Performing Arts – Warner


    Kelly Halcomb - Second Grade

    Photo of Kelly Halcomb

    Second Grade


    Mr. Halcomb earned a Bachelor of Sciences Degree in Education and Child Development at Brigham Young University in 1979.  He previously taught for 29 years in the Mesa Public Schools in grades K – 5.  He has been teaching at LFPA in Fourth Grade since 2008 and is an Arizona highly qualified teacher. Kelly is married to his wonderful wife, Jane (38 years), and they have four children. He especially enjoys reading books in a variety of genres, gardening, and playing with his eight grandchildren


    Dear Parents,

    Welcome to the Learning Foundation and Performing Arts School – Warner Campus.  My name is Mr. Halcomb and I will be your child’s fourth grade teacher.  This will be my sixth year as an instructor for LFPA.  Previously I was an educator for 29 years in Mesa Public Schools and have taught grades K-5.  I am looking forward to some new and exciting experiences in helping your child with their learning and educational opportunities.

    I encourage ongoing communication between parents and teacher.  Within a few days after school begins, your child will be bringing home a Student Planner.  Along with specific assignments, this Planner will also be used to promote continual home/school communication.

    The following is a list of items your child should bring to school:

    ¨  Sensible Backpack (NO suitcase style w/ wheels)

    ¨  2 boxes water-based markers – for classroom

    ¨  3 composition books

    ¨  2 boxes of tissues (i.e. Kleenex) – for classroom

    ¨  2 reams of copy (Xerox) paper – for classroom

    ¨  1 box (24 count) crayons


    ¨  3-ring binders (NO “Trapper Keepers”)

    ¨  Pencil sharpeners of any kind

    ¨  Felt markers of any kind

    ¨  Toy-style erasers or pencil toppers

    There are several items on a WISH LIST for our classroom.  If you would like to donate any of the following items anytime throughout the year, it would be really appreciated:

    ¨  Children’s literature books (3– 6 Grade level) – any book your child may like.  These will be donated to our classroom library.  They do not need to be brand new books; used books in nice condition are acceptable.

    ¨  Hand Sanitizer for student use

    Also, there will be occasions throughout the school year, when I will ask for donations of various items for science units, extra learning activities or parties.  Your generosity is appreciated!

    I am looking forward to getting to know you and your child this year.  I hope that Fourth Grade will be a fun, interesting, and rewarding experience for you and your child.


    Mr. Halcomb


    Rebecca Hauer - First Grade Teacher

    Photo of Rebecca Hauer

    First Grade Teacher

    Home Phone: 480-248-8025

    Ashley Love - 2nd Grade Teacher

    No Photo Available

    2nd Grade Teacher

    Home Phone: 480-248-8025

    Kimberly Marin - Sixth Grade Teacher

    Photo of Kimberly Marin

    Sixth Grade Teacher

    Home Phone: 480-248-8025

    Deborah Meiers - Fifth Grade Teacher

    No Photo Available

    Fifth Grade Teacher

    Phone: 480-248-8025

    Timothy Mills - Sixth Grade Teacher

    No Photo Available

    Sixth Grade Teacher

    Home Phone: 480-248-8025

    Buffie O'Neill - Fourth Grade

    Photo of Buffie O'Neill

    Fourth Grade

    Hillarie Price - Fourth Grade Teacher

    Photo of Hillarie Price

    Fourth Grade Teacher

    Home Phone: 480-248-8025

    Mimi Ramos - First Grade Teacher

    Photo of Mimi Ramos

    First Grade Teacher


    My name is Edelmira Ramos.  I was born and raised in Mexico.  I moved to Arizona at age 15 and graduated from Red Mountain High School.  I went to Mesa Community College for two years then I transferred to Arizona State University and received my Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education.  As a child I pursued my career in education.  I worked very hard to accomplish it and now I am very excited to be an educator and love what I do.  I have been teaching since 2002.  I have taught from Kindergarten to Eighth Grade and I am an Arizona Highly Qualified Teacher.  I have been teaching First Grade at Learning Foundation and Performing Arts since 2007-2008.  I enjoy teaching this grade and I provide a good and safe environment for any child to learn, have fun and grow.  I am the mother of a beautiful boy named Josue Alejandro.  I enjoy playing, bike riding, traveling and being outdoors.

    Kelly Reichel - Fifth Grade Teacher

    Photo of Kelly Reichel

    Fifth Grade Teacher

    Home Phone: 480-248-8025

    Elective Teaching Staff

      Stefan Dollack - Guitar and Music Teacher

      Photo of Stefan Dollack

      Guitar and Music Teacher

      Home Phone: 480-248-8025

      Allison Housten - Musical Theater Teacher

      No Photo Available

      Musical Theater Teacher

      Home Phone: 480-248-8025

      Rachael Jacobs - Dance Teacher

      Photo of Rachael Jacobs

      Dance Teacher

      Emily Murray - Musical Keyboard Teacher

      Photo of Emily Murray

      Musical Keyboard Teacher

      Photo of Da Nell Willis



      Mrs. Willis began teaching ceramics from her own studio in March of 2005 and shortly after began teaching LFPA students ceramics as an elective class. The classes teach the basic techniques of working with clay. The whole concept of painting your own ceramic pottery is great, “we always have fun” says Mrs. Willis!  Students learn how to make all kinds of different shapes and textures, and best of all you don’t have to be an artist.

      John Zuccaro - Physical Education Teacher

      Photo of John Zuccaro

      Physical Education Teacher

      Home Phone: 480-248-8025

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